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Conveniently located off the business 80. Dr. Z teamed up with the Sac Child and Adolescent Neurology Consultants to offer his expertise in providing therapy services to children suffering from medical/psychoogical disorders. 

Address: 1111 Exposition Blvd. building 700, Suite 102. Sacramento, CA. 95815


Also in close proximity to the business 80, and accepting the majority of insurance providers, Dr. Z's practice specializes in working with patients diagnosed with mood as well as trauma-related disorders. 

Address: 2969 Fulton Ave, Sacramento CA. 95821


One of the main differences between amateur and professional athletes is having the ability to consistently perform at the highest level. The key factor here is consistency, which is only achieved through mastering psychological skills (exmaple: high levels of confidence, intrinsic motivation, concentration/focus, persistence, and commitment, to just name a few). Only once you have managed to take complete control of your mind, will you be able to eliminate the mental roadblocks that prevent you from maximizing your potential. Dr. Zaher helps athletes ages 9+ enhance their athletic performance through learning coping skills designed for acheiving mastery in performance. 

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